Sunday 12:30, 09. September 2018

Visual Illusions

Brain Parcours

A popular proverb says that "Eyes are the window to the soul". These two globes at the front of our head, connect the physics of the outer world to the chemistry of our inner world. To understand this inner-world of thoughts, feelings and emotions, neuroscience focuses on the 1.4 Kg of matter that sits behind the “window". If you want to peek through the crack to get a gist of how our brains work: let it trick you by looking at these visual illusions. Whether it is about color, motion, in two or three dimensions, about size, alignment or parallelism: make the experience to realize you do not rather see with your eyes but with your brain.

Julien Martel is Ph.D Student at the Institute of Neuroinformatics of the University of Zurich and the ETH-Zurich. More

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