Saturday 14:00, 08. September 2018

Chain of Thought

A journey through the miracle of human thinking

Brain Parcours

Our mind is one of the last mysteries of humankind. While we still don't know exactly how the brain works - how we think, store knowledge, or recall information – we can associate, abstract, plan and create. Only a human mind is capable of exploring the variety of things one can do with a strawberry, for example.

Explore the beauty of human thinking by following a thought chain in augmented reality. The 3D printed brain is based on a MRI scan of a brain, the computer-generated supporting structure is inspired by the branching structures found in the brain’s neurons and neural networks.

Concept: Simone Bucher van Ligten, ETH Zürich

3D Printed Brain: Engineering Design and Computing Laboratory, ETH Zürich; Kristina Shea, Tian Chen, Jung-Chew Tse

Augmented Reality: ATEO Virtual Reality; Sebastian Tobler, Miriam Tschanen

Simone Bucher is Communication Project Manager at ETH Global.

Brain Parcour Clip 1: Stationen des Denkens
Brain Parcour Clip 2: Stationen des Denkens
Brain Parcour Clip 3: Stationen des Denkens

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