Friday 18:00, 07. September 2018

Reatching into the Rabbit Hole: Brain doping, the way to go?

Pre-Opening: Workshop with neuroscientist Valeria Eckhardt

Would you like to be smarter, more efficient, always in a good mood and thus more successful? Millions of consumers around the world show us that brain doping with smart drugs and happy pills seems to be the way to go.

By which mechanisms are neuroenhancers acting on our brain? What are the actual effects and side effects? Is there any natural brain doping? Join us on our journey through the rabbit hole into a world, where everybody is optimized by birth with neuroenhancers. We’ll explore the limits of self-optimization, see where the potential lies and discuss about safety and possible regulations.

‘Reatching into the Rabbit Hole’ is an experimental and interdisciplinary event hosted by reatch. We want to use solid scientific knowledge to develop lofty ideas about tomorrow - in order to find sober insights for today. reatch was founded by students and young professionals from all over Switzerland and aims to serve as an intermediary between science, technology and society. reatch is driven by the conviction that scientific information should be discussed publicly and that the dialogue between science and society must be improved.

The event is held in English. The rabbit hole has space for 20 travelers. We therefore kindly ask for a registration. Find the registration-mask below.

Valeria Eckhardt is pursuing her PhD in Neuroscience, engaged in transferring knowledge of science to the public in various organizations and active member of reatch.


Patrick Köck, assistant doctor in der University Psychiatric Clinic Basel is exploring unconventional therapeutic approaches in the treatment of people with psychological problems.

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