Friday 17:30, 05. October 2018

The Healthy Research Marketplace promoting wellbeing in academia at UZH

Information on Healthy Research at UZH

Workshop with Dr. Clare Killikelly, Alexa McCallum, Juliane Berger, Mariia Merzhvynska, Kaya Chen, Dr. Rita Castro, Elisa Haller, Lea Mozzini.

Although attending university is an exciting and vibrant time in a young person’s life, it can be challenging as students struggle with work pressure, independent living and cultural changes.

From a sample of university students, prevalence rates of psychological symptoms approximate 30%. However, only 41% of these students seek psychological support. Negative beliefs and stereotypes, i.e. stigma, about mental health support could be a reason for low rates of help seeking. With this marketplace we hope to offer students and staff the opportunity to learn about and explore different methods for improving well-being and reducing academic stress at University.

Join us as we explore the different resources currently available at the University of Zurich to help students and staff have a productive and enjoyable academic experience.

With representatives from various clubs and activities offered at the University of Zurich, coordinated by Dr. Clare Killikelly, Alexa McCallum, Juliane Berger, Marija Merzhvynska, Kaya Chen, Dr Rita Castro, Elisa Haller, Lea Mozzini und Tim Lacker

There will be a selection of booths and information desks offering information on various programs or services along with short activities. Take part in our small quiz to explore certain public opinions about mental health or learn about current research on stigma at the university. And be invited toparticipate in a Mindfulness exercise.

Dr. Clare Killikelly is Postdoctoral Researcher and working group leader at the Department of Psychology at the University of Zurich. More

Section of Psychopathology and Clinical Intervention More

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