Friday 14:30, 05. October 2018

Researchers Experiences at UZH

Workshop with Salome Lienert and Ulrich Frischknecht

PhDs and Postdocs conduct a large amount of research and are strongly engaged in teaching at the University of Zurich. Science is increasingly a global affair, and junior researchers face a very tight bottleneck on their way to a permanent job at a research-focused university.

Dealing with these circumstances often poses challenges on a personal level. The Student Advisory Services of UZH support the work of doctoral students by offering them information and advice on a whole range of matters.

It is therefore important to us to learn about how it feels to spend a significant amount of time on our campus as researchers and employees. Tell us about your motivation, talk about your experience at UZH. Participate in our workshop and share your personal experience in small groups. This will be the basis for a subsequent brainstorming session on what kind of processes should be initiated to ameliorate researchers’ experiences for the future.

Salome Lienert is an experienced psychologist at the counseling service of UZH / ETH.

Ulrich Frischknecht is Head of the Student Advisory Services at the University of Zurich. More

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