Francisca Loetz

Crime Scene: Archive

If you want to research the past, you have to rely on historical documents, images, and artifacts. These days, many of these resources are stored in archives.

When it comes to historical research, searching through the archives is like checking for traces at a crime scene – complete with all the surprises, discoveries, and uncertainties that solving a criminal case brings with it.

TATORT ARCHIV (Crime Scene: Archive) picks up the traces left behind by Zürich-based general Johann Rudolf Werdmüller, who was accused of uttering blasphemous speech and committing treason back in the 17th century. What can we learn in the archives about blaspemy in the early modern era? How does a historical investigation take form? In what ways is the study of history also the study of the present?

The film offers an introduction to techniques used in conducting historical research. It uses court records, petitions, images, and letters to explain how to deal with handwritten materials.


Screenplay: Francisca Loetz, with input from Siegfried Bodenmann, Rolf Frey and Eva Seemann

Script Consultant: Wolfram Schneider-Lastin

Narrator: Maja Hermann

Narrator: Marco Caduff

Cinematography & Editing: Rolf Frey

Sound Mixing: Azmi Baumann, MELS/University of Zurich

Drawing of the Seal of UZH: Tom Reed

Producer: art-tv, Zurich

With Thanks To:

The department of Digital Teaching and Research in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Zurich

The Schloss Au Convention Center

The State Archives of the Canton of Zurich

The Zurich Central Library

Leuchtturm Filmbeleuchtung AG

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Prof. Dr. Francisca Loetz is chair of the department of General History of the Modern Era at the Historical Institute at the University of Zurich. More

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