Mittwoch 10:00, 03. Oktober 2018
Mittwoch 10:00, 19. September 2018

Donnerstag 10:00, 20. September 2018

Scientific Poster Design

* Diese Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt. *

Three-day course by Tanja Hess - learn how to implement the know-how in your own scientific project

What is a Scientific Poster and how can I design an appealing layout for my research?

The full design process from information architecture to typography and layout to visualization will be covered. You will learn how to design your own Scientific Poster.

What is a scientific poster traditionally? What should I put on the Scientific Poster to insure a successful visualization and communication of my research project? How should I draft, structure, plan and visualize my Scientific Poster?

Discussion of specific questions related to issues arising in participant‘s own work. At the end, you will have a printable poster in your hand, or you can use it online. But furthermore, you will be able to apply the rules of good design.

Participants will:

Learn to structure your content for layout

Learn the do's and don'ts of typography

Learn the whys of design

Learn how to use design grids

Learn the tools for designing

Learn to edit images for layout

Learn how perception works

Learn how to use color 

In this hands-on course, you will learn to implement the know-how in your own scientific project.

Prof. Tanja Hess is teaching Visualising in the degree program Multimedia Production at HTW Chur. Mehr