Mittwoch 10:30, 12. September 2018
Mittwoch 10:30, 05. September 2018

Storyboarding as a research tool

* Diese Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt. Der Eintrag ist deshalb nur auf Englisch verfügbar. *

2-Day workshop by Tanja Hess

How can I sketch and draw my own research storyboard?

Excellent researchers are specialised in knowing every detail in one specific field. Brilliant researchers may even create stories out of their research and are able to tell them to a interested audience. 

To think in pictures is key in the age of the digital media. With a film you have the possibility to double code your information: with language and visuals and even round it up with sound. This enhances the perception and leads to a deeper understanding of the information.How can I sketch and draw my own research storyboard? 

What means storyboarding as a research tool? How to layout a story visually in a storyline? How should I draft, structure, plan and visualise my story to achieve best results?

The full design process from sketching your own research layout to creating a story out of it will be covered. 

The hands-on storyboarding workshop starts with pencil and paper, drafting ideas to wrap up the things in a compelling story to be told in the media, in a film or a presentation. 

Participants will:

Learn to draw a line to sketch a storyboard

Learn the how and why of the architecture of stories

Learn the whys of images and how to use them to achieve best results

Learn how perception works.

In this hands-on course, you will learn to sketch for communication and implement the know-how in your own scientific project.

The event is held in English.

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