Tuesday 13:00, 28. August 2018

Collective Painting in situ (Reihe: Denkt Kunst)

With Wiktoria Furrer, Carla Gabrí, Ekaterina Kurilova-Markarjan, Nastasia Louveau, María Ordoñez, Dimitrina Sevova, Anja Nora Schulthess, Nika Timashkova, Valentina Zingg and Artur Żmijewski.

The performance will last up to 3 hours during which visitors are invited to "witness the dynamics of a collective mind at work" and to join the painters, because collective mind has no borders. You paint as individual, but together with the others you create a group effect. The painting session will thus serve as a practical point of departure for the subsequent talk at 5pm in which the workshop, its methods and its results will be presented and discussed.

Organized as part of the doctoral program »Epistemologies of Aesthetic Practices« (Collegium Helveticum) funded by swissuniversities in cooperation with the Zentrum Künste und Kulturtheorie (ZKK), the ERC project »Performance Art in Eastern Europe«, the SNF project »Exhibiting Film« (UZH), the Department of Film Studies UZH, the Slavic Seminar UZH, and the Institute for Critical Theory ZHdK.

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