Elisabeth Bronfen, Thomas Julier

Women in Bed

This found footage film tells a story about the variety of things women in film noir can do in front of, on and in their beds.

A door opens onto a conversation they have with each other, as they pit their resilience against all signs of danger, doom and destruction. Compiled into one narrative, they perform multifaceted aspects of one dreaming woman. While the noir hero roams the nocturnal cityscape, these heroines seem to be confined to the intimate space of their bedroom. And yet they are fully empowered there. The bed serves as the control station, from which they not only manipulate others. It is the stage for their allure; from here they hold our attention, impose on us their invincible charm. Spliced together, they tell a story that, even as it embraces the attraction of noir fatality, discovers an exit from it.

The artist Thomas Julier performs as a photographer and experimental filmmaker.

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Bronfen is Professor of English and American literature at the University of Zurich with a research focus on feminism in the twenty-first century and author of 'Beseessen. Meine Kochmemoiren' (Echtzeit Verlag). More

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