Sunday 12:30, 23. September 2018

One to one

A performative experiment from the Plant Science Center.

MikroMakro Parcours

Humans perceive objects and try to represent them visually and with language, whether we are in the arts, sciences or humanities.

For example, an ecologist might create a data set about a particular plant or animal either by direct observation, or recorded images, with or without powers of magnification.

In this simple participative experiment, we will investigate the boundaries of how we gather visual and sensory information and communicate this verbally to a partner, ‘one to one’. We can’t divulge any more details or it will spoil the surprise effect!

Dr. Juanita Schläpfer-Miller is an artist, exhibit developer, and project coordinator for outreach at the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center (PSC). More

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