Sunday 12:30, 23. September 2018

Biodiversity Means Life

MikroMakro Parcours

Climate change, land-use change, pollution, exploitation of natural resources, and invasive species are transforming life on Earth as fast as never before in Earth's history. Exploring and understanding biodiversity is therefore more important than ever.

Thus, University of Zurich has identified global change and biodiversity as one of its priority research topics and has founded University Research Priority Program on Global Change and Biodiversity (URPP GCB).

Biodiversity Means Life is an outreach project of URPP GCB that facilitates a dialog about the critical role biodiversity plays in our lives between scientists studying biodiversity and global change and the Swiss general public. The main goals of the project are to deepen the awareness of the Swiss public on the subjects of biodiversity, global change, and ecosystem services and to inspire a willingness to act on behalf of conservation of biodiversity.

During the MikroMakro-Parcours, Biodiversity Means Life and the URPP GCB scientists are going to engage in a conversation about their research with visitors. Brought to you by Biodiversity Means Life and University Research Priority Programs on Global Change and Biodiversity.

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Dr. Morana Mihaljević is a biologist and palaeontologist working at the Science Lab, a department of the Faculty of Science at the University of Zurich offering research and learning formats for high school students and teachers. More

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