Christina Aus der Au


Theology is people's continual, intellectually responsible, and passionate struggle to make sense of the world, life, and this story with the cross and the resurrection.

Crucifixion: a common form of execution in ancient times, most notably practiced by the Romans.

Jesus of Nazareth: an itinerant Jewish preacher, crucified around AD 30 under orders from Pontius Pilate.

Christ: the anointed one (by God), the term for the Jewish messiah (savior), used after Easter to describe Jesus following the resurrection.

Resurrection: it was the belief of Jesus's first disciples that he was executed, buried, brought back to life by God, and then they saw him once again.

God, triune: God as creator of the universe, as Jesus Christ incarnate and resurrected, and as the holy spirit, through which he is present in people and the world.

Theology: the analysis of this history according to all the rules of scientific technique:

- reflexive engagement with the origin and transmission of Biblical texts,

- with the historical and psychological impact of faith and the church,

- in terms of its relevance for the present and for society.

We thank Father Martin Piller and the parish Maria Lourdes, Zürich-Seebach, for the loan of the crucifix.

Prof. Dr. Christina Aus der Au is Managing Director of the Center for the Development of the Church at the Theological Institute at the University of Zurich. More

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