Saturday 12:30, 08. September 2018

New neurons for old brains

* This event is held in German. *

Short presentation

We are challenged every day with new experiences that influence our behavior and that have to be integrated into previous episodes and experiences. Our brains need to quickly store and sort new experiences in order to form meaningful new memories.

This process is associated not only with functional adaptations but also leads to structural changes that shape the structure and connections between neurons throughout life. This structural flexibility is called activity-dependent plasticity of the central nervous system. Until 20 years ago it was considered that plasticity can only affect neurons that were born during embryonic and early postnatal development. However, it is now widely accepted that new neurons are born throughout life in the mammalian brain.

In his lecture Sebastian Jessberger will explain how our brains are shaped by experience and why structural modifications are important for life-long learning and memory.

Sebastian Jessberger is Professor of Neuroscience and Managing Director of the Brain Research Institute at the University of Zurich. More

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