Robert Kieffer, Kollektiv Mycelium, Robert Torche

Cosmic Scores

These scores were printed by the «Space-Time-Printer» a hacked printer made especially for PENDULUM, a transdisciplinary performance by collective MYCELIUM. The project explores the perception of time through contemporary music, physics and watch engineering. Developed by physicist Robert Kieffer and sound artist Robert Torche, the printer senses it’s surrounding environment (light, sound, gas) and transcribes it into forms and colors. The printer is connected to the «Cosmic Trigger» a cosmic ray sensor, which decides the progress of paper through time. Each time a muon (a strongly radioactive particule coming from stars of our galaxy) is passing by the sensor, the paper will move a few cm forward. Muons are so to say the timer of the printer.

More information about "Cosmic Scores"

HannaH Walter, Damien Bachmann, Stefanie Mirwald und Robert Torche bilden zusammen das Trio Triplet und sind zudem Gründungsmitglieder des transdisziplinären Kollektivs Mycelium. Der Soziologe Jan Müller ist verantwortlich für das Konzept und die Forschung hinter dem Projekt «Heimat». More

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