Jonah, a «Library of Ourselves» story

Art/science perspective on embodied thinking

Scientific theories of embodied cognition suggest that we think with our body; that the way we perceive and act in the world depend on how we perceive our body, influencing our thoughts as well as our social conduct. It is assumed that we simulate other person’s bodily state to better understand them. In this exhibit, we aim to demonstrate and investigate how bodily experiences influence cognition by virtually embodying another person. Participants will experience a touching narrative from the «Library of Ourselves», an open collection of immersive narratives presented from a multisensory first-person perspective. Each narrative is created by people from the community in collaboration with BeAnotherLab. This specific narrative tells the story of Jonah, a transgender living in Amsterdam, who talks about his journey to construct his identity, the differences about how he is treated at home and outside, as well as finding love and acceptance with his partner and friends. In a collaboration between BeAnotherLab and the Body, Self and Plasticity Lab of the University of Zurich, we investigate and demonstrate how experiencing this perspective in a more or less immersive way might influence the perception of Jonah, and social cognition and stereotypes in general..

Come by and virtually embody another person on following dates:

Thursday 30.08., 18-20 Uhr

Friday 31.08., 16-18 Uhr

Sunday 02.09., 12-17 Uhr

Tuesday 04.09., 14-17 Uhr

Friday 07.09., 14-17 Uhr

Tuesday 11.09., 11-15 Uhr

Wednesday 12.09., 15-18 Uhr

Sunday 16.09., 12-17 Uhr

Thursday 20.09., 16:30-18:00

Friday 28.09., 15-18 Uhr

Sunday 30.09., 12-17 Uhr

Friday 05.10, 11-14 Uhr

Sunday, 7.10., 12-17 Uhr

Wednesday 10.10., 14.30-18.30

Thursday 11.10., 16.30-19 Uhr

Saturday 13.10., 12.30-15 Uhr

Sunday 14.10, 13-17 Uhr

Friday 19.10, 14-17.45 Uhr

Sunday 21.10., 13-15.30 Uhr

Friday 26.10., 13-16.30 Uhr

Wednesday 31.10., 15-18 Uhr

Thursday 1.11., 16.30-19 Uhr

Friday 2.11., 14-17 Uhr

Saturday 3.11., 10-15 Uhr

At those times, visitors can slip into another virtual body themselves.

BeAnotherLab is a multinational interdisciplinary collective that promotes the flux of knowledge between artistic, social and techno-scientific disciplines through dialogue. Since 2012 the team has created a collection of practices and technologies that aim at generating the illusion of embodying another person. More

The Body, Self and Plasticity (BSP) Lab of the University of Zurich studies the development of the bodily self across the life span and how its plasticity modulates and is modulated by cognitive, emotional, pathological and environmental conditions. More

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