Hiwa K


Video, color, sound

17:40 min

To remember, sometimes you need other archaeological tools, the voice-over muses in Hiwa K’s Pre-Image (Blind as the Mother Tongue). The video depicts the artist walking across fields, wastelands, estates, going from Turkey to Athens and then to Rome, a path that mirrors his own journey as a child, when he fled Iraqi Kurdistan and reached Europe by foot. His ‘Pre-images’ are fragments of a path whose final destination is uncertain.

Born in 1975 in Sulaimaniyya, the Kurdish installation artist Hiwa K presently lives in Berlin. In his video works the artist reflects on his own history of migration and translates it into works that are poetically and narratively multifaceted. The question concerning geographic situatedness, the search for orientation, or becoming aware of oneself play a fundamental role in the works by the artist, who once said that his ‘homeland’ is located in his feet. More

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