Sunday 11:00, 28. October 2018

Writing as Thought

* This event is held in German. *

Matinée with Dr. Christine Lötscher, Bettina Spoerri and Prof. Dr. Sandro Zanetti

What does it mean to think through writing?

Those who write set up a distance between themselves and what they write. In this way, thinking through writing can be verified. Is what's written true? Does it lead to anything? Or will it only lead us astray? Those who think, write, and read what's written are joined together in a feedback loop. In the best case, this will bring insights to light or make ideas concrete that wouldn't be otherwise. But how exactly are these processes organized?

Author Bettina Spoerri, cultural scientist and literary critic Christine Lötscher, and literary scholar Sandro Zanetti are pleased to invite you to a conversation about the various forms of writing as thinking. Feel free to join in the discussion!

Dr. Christine Lötscher is working as a free literary critic and is currently a Fellow of the Research Group Cinepoetics at Berlin Free University.

Prof. Dr. Sandro Zanetti is Professor for General and Comparative Literature at UZH. More

Bettina Spoerri is a writer and director of the Aargauer Literaturhaus. More

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