Friday 10:00, 12. October 2018

Crowdfunding Science Festival 2018

Conference and Party

Everybody loves science and technology. But it is true that only scientists can be part of the fun of discovering and inventing new stuff? Definitely not! And crowdfunding has become a powerful fundraising channel for people who want to launch initiatives that would otherwise never happen. For the past two years, the Science Booster has been Switzerland's only platform for science crowdfunding - - and it's a success! To celebrate the diversity of science and the power of crowdfunding, we are organizing a Crowdfunding Science Festival that is open to all. The public will have the opportunity to meet the scientists behind the most fun campaigns, to discover new projects that will be launched at the event, to participate to crowdfunding workshops, and to attend a gala ceremony with an award ceremony celebrating the best campaigns. And of course, there will be a science crowdfunding party!

Luc Henry launched the Science Booster, the first Swiss crowdfunding platform for science. More

Prof. Dr. Mike S. Schäfer is Professor of Science, Crises & Risk Communication at the University of Zurich. More

Mirko Bischofberger ist Gründer von Science Booster, der ersten Schweizer Crowdfunding-Plattform für die Wissenschaft. More

Camera and Editing: Barbara Krieger

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